Plitvička Jezera - the Niagara Falls of Croatia

Croatia is not all coast and sea...

Driving through the mountains from Zagreb to Zadar you will find this wonderful nature reserve called Plitvička Jezera... Jezera meaning lake in croatian.
We stopped overnight at Plitvička Camping (really almost Glamping) to get some sleep for next day's tour of the lakes.

Plitvička Jezera  National Park - endless forests, lakes and waterfalls... absolutely gorgeous!

Hiking along wooden trails you walk and simply wonder at such natural beauty.

Being UNESCO World Heritage and therefore well known - you will not walk and wonder alone but with many many many other tourists from everywhere speaking all imaginable least when we visited in August. Try to go there off-season and enjoy the great spectacle of waterfalls, lakes and surrounding forests. You can even take a boat tour to some of the more unaccessible spots.

Croatia is really not all coast and sea... there is so much more to see!

Ciao ragazzi
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