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Summer Solstice in Punta Bracetto, Sicily

Just the way you would imagine your perfect summer solstice location. Your Defender parked right on the cliff, overlooking the mediterranean sea at about the height of Tunis... in front of you endless ocean and the solstice sunset.  There is this most western point of southern Sicily close to Santa Croce Camerina, where most of the northern european tomatoes come from... Therefore to get to Punta Bracetto you drive through endless greenhouses - more or less environmentally compatible - before you get to this wonderful location "Dove tramonta il sole - Where the sun sets"... over the Mediterranean sea towards North Africa.   Rocca dei Tramonti   is a wonderfully relaxed, unpretentious place to spend a few quiet days right on the cliff - and you even get the key to a private toilet/shower booth at check in. No planes, no cars, only the waves and the birds and friendly italian neighbours... real holiday feeling! We'

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