Crossing over from Sicily to the continent

 When we travel up north ...

the first thing we do is to cross the "Stretto di Messina" by ferry
Taking the ship in Messina is somewhat like taking a bus... the boats hurry back and forth between the island and the continent, between Messina and Villa San Giovanni - just as they have been doing since the times of the Greek.. (The crossing just took a bit longer then and was rather more dangerous 😁🐉). 

The ride takes about 20-30 minutes and costs about 30-40 Euro. You might get ques for embarking so leave in time. As soon as the ferry leaves the port, all the Sicilians on board hurry up the stairs to the upper deck to the Bar and have their last Cornetto con Cappuccino or Arancino - according to the hour of the day - with tears in their eyes, because leaving Sicily always feels much like agony. ⛴

You can book your ticket online via caronte app or buy your ticket before embarking.

Bon Voyage !
Ciao ragazzi - a presto 👋

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